The Lost Scenes (Updated)

For all those Metropolis fans who are eagerly awaiting the final and complete restoration after the amazing discovery in Buenos Aires, here is something to make the wait more bearable.

Below are three reconstructed scenes based on the 420 frames published in Zeit Magazine. The Spanish intertitles have been replaced by the apropriate German ones, although not in the original font. Notice that the piece of paper bearing Josaphat's address seems to be in Spanish as well: Casa instead of Haus and Piso instead of Stock.

Each 'lost' scene is based on 140 frames taken a few seconds apart as published by Zeit Magazine. The Flash movies are played at a rate of 1 frame per second, so this is faster than the original pace of the movie. (Apart from the fragment with music.) For readability, intertitles and some close-ups remain on screen for 4 seconds.

Scene 1 - Freder and Georgy trade places. Georgy cannot resist temptation and heads of to Yoshiwara instead of Josaphat.

Der Schmale is keeping a watch on Freder's car. Freder takes Georgy's place at the machine. Georgy, who is supposed to go to Josaphat and wait for Freder, can't resist the temptations of Metropolis and heads of to Yoshiwara.

The scene at the Pater Noster machine, where they switch places, is the only one that was present in previous versions.

German title cardEnglish translation
,,Wartet auf mich -
beide . . ."
Freder: Wait for me. Both of you.

Extra: Metropolis Foxtrott
Part of scene 1 at the correct pace with the original music

Composed by Gottfired Huppertz.
MIDI arrangement by Aitam Bar-Sagi.
Scene 2 - Georgy gets caught and Josaphat is exiled. Freder goes in search of Maria on his own.

Georgy leaves Yoshiwara after a rough night. He is aprehended by Der Schmale who summons him to return to the machine room. Freder meanwhile, having arrived at Josaphat's, asks for Georgy. After he learns that Georgy has not shown up he leaves. Der Schmale, who had found Josaphats address on Georgy, visits Josaphat and forces him to leave Metropolis by bribe and fysical force.

The scene where Freder walks the streets of Metropolis after leaving Josaphat is the only one that was already in the existing versions.

German title cardEnglish translation
,,Wo ist der,
dessen Kleider Sie tragen?"
Der Schmale: Where is he, whose clothes you are wearing?
,,Wollen Sie bitte Georgy wecken?
Er muss mich sofort in die
Arbeiterstadt führen . . ."
Freder: Will you please wake up Georgy? He must lead me to the workers city at once.
,,Sie kehren an die Maschine zurück
und vergessen,
dass Sie sie jemals verlassen haben -
verstanden - ?"
Der Schmale: You will return to the machine and forget that you ever left it. Understood?
,,Ich muss einen Menschen haben,
der mir treu ist, Josaphat, -
wie soll ich sonst ans Ziel
meines Weges kommen - ? !"
Freder: I need a person who is faithful to me, Josaphat. How else will I reach the goal of my journey?
,,Ich muss weiter, Josaphat, -
muss nun allein den Menschen suchen,
zu dem mir Georgy
den Weg weisen sollte . . ."
Freder: I must go on, Josaphat. Now I must find the person on my own to whom Georgy would show me the way.
,,Heute abend, Josaphat -
heute abend, wenn ich
wiederkomme . . ."
Freder: This evening, Josaphat. This evening when I return.
,,Also -
welchen Preis verlangen Sie dafür,
dass Sie diese Wohnung
und Metropolis
heute abend verlassen haben?"
Der Schmale: So, what price do you expect to have left this house and Metropolis by this evening?
,,Sie scheinen noch nicht
begriffen zu haben,
in wessen Auftrag ich hier bin!"
Der Schmale: You do not seem to understand, on whose orders I am here!

Scene 3 - Freder, Maria and Josaphat rescue the workers children.

The children fleeing up the stairs find the exit blocked by a barred door. Freder and Josaphat climb and jump upstairs and manage to force open the door. Freder climbs down again to get Maria.

The part towards the end of the scene where Josaphat leads the children up the stairs is about the only part that was known until now.


Der Schmale
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